Getting Your Week Started – a 5 step process to getting organised at the start of each week

So you have a plan for the whole term, but what do you need to do on a weekly basis? Here are a few steps to get you started each week. It is good to do this on a Sunday afternoon so you are ready for the week.

1. File away all paperwork from the previous week. Give all notes to parents and guardians and ensure that everything is put away.
2. Clear you school bag. By clearing it you will not be carrying more than you need.
3. Check you school diary to see what is coming up this week then get all requirements ready.
4. Pack you bag for the next day according to your timetable and what you need for the next day. It is much less stressful than doing this before school. Ensure you have all extra items such as sports gear.
5. Make notes in your diary of what you need to take each day, then each night check your diary when packing your bag.
By putting this simple routine of getting ready for school in place, it takes away the stress of lost or misplaced items. If you do this on a daily basis you will never need to put aside a larger chunk of time to get organised, it is done for 5 minute every day.