Getting Teens Organised

Process to getting organised at the start of each term

Process to getting organised at the start of each term

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Most people think that it is best to get organised in Year 11. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you started getting organised in the Years 7 – 10. My thinking is that it is better to have all your good habits and practices in place well before the time you really need it. You still have a lot to learn. You are balancing assessments and homework and then need to fit in some study. Add to that your family and other commitments, interests and sports and it is really hard to fit it all in.

We lead a full life so here are some tips for getting organised at an early age:

1. Plan one term at a time. Make a 10 week timetable and add all of your family commitments and other commitments outside of school.
2. Add the fun things that you want to do. By planning them in first you have a better chance that they will happen. This should include some free time for relaxing.
3. Add in your school commitments, including extra- curricular activities and assessment due dates. Ensure you have added in all of your commitments.


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