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School results not what your teen expected?

School results not what your teen expected?

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If your Teen’s school results were not what any of you expected it is time to sit and have a chat and learn what you can from the last year.  First start with the positives. What went well, basically – what worked.  Then review the areas that you want to improve.

Ask yourself –

  • What didn’t work – what has to change?
  • What factors contributed to this result?
  • How much work was done and was it enough?
  • Review the comments from your teacher from the last report card.  If you are still unclear on why a result was achieved you can contact that teacher or the school year advisor and ask for more information


The most important thing of all is to determine what your teen Teen learned from the last year – 

  • What did they learn about themselves?
  • How much work do they have to do to get the results they desire?
  • What factors contributed to these results?
  • What do they want to achieve this year?


Report Cards are a snapshot in time. Review them with this in mind, gather what information you can then put them away and look ahead to the new year.

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