Preparing for your HSC (workshop) – How to do it your way

Everyone tells you that you need to prepare and ‘get ready’ for your HSC experience. But what does that really mean? Come and spend a fun afternoon with others going through the HSC and explore ways to make your final years of schooling a...

School results not what your teen expected?

If your Teen’s school results were not what any of you expected it is time to sit and have a chat and learn what you can from the last year.  First start with the positives. What went well, basically – what worked.  Then review the areas...

5 tips to gain a fresh start to the school year

It is time to close off last year and start fresh for the new school year.  For your high school students, here are 5 things they can do to close off the previous school year:   Unpack their school bag.  Empty it out, air it, give it a clean and...