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Transitioning back into school

Transitioning back into school

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As our teens head back to school, it is important for them to click back in.  Some teens are able to click in during the first week, and they find the transition back to school easier than those that take more time to settle into the school year.

Part of the issue is the change of routine, so the faster you establish the school routine, the easier and faster it is for the teens to settle.

What is their emotional state? Are they excited or anxious? Both of these emotions actually provide similar physical responses in the human body, it is just our attitudes and perspectives that determine how we frame the emotion.



If they are anxious listen to find out what is causing the anxiety and try to unpack the underlying issues so that you can bring them to the surface and deal with them, one by one.




If they are excited, it is easier to deal with. It would be great if you could focus this positive energy into some goal setting for the year.  What do they want to achieve this year? Write it down and review it each term, or more often if possible.




Finally, on a more practical level, make sure everything is ready for the new school year: uniforms, school bags, stationery supplies, and that all the filing and archiving is done, both for physical files and for their online folders.

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