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Where is your teen’s head at?

Where is your teen’s head at?

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Before the year starts and throughout the first term, it’s is good to consider where your Teen’s head is at. What is their attitude towards the new school year? Are they excited or distressed about school? If they are excited that is easy to deal with, you can join in with their excitement. If they are distressed you might want to sit and talk about what is causing their distress and see if there is anything you can do to support them.

Are they confident or anxious about the upcoming year? If they are anxious you can calm them and provide encouragement and perspective about your expectations and clarify their expectations.
Are they focused or unfocused? Focus is great but what are they focused on? It could just be the social side of school which is a great and important factor but so is the academic side. Many teens are very focused on what is happening outside of school, whether it be friends, sport, shopping or gaming. This is natural but as they get further into first term they need to regain some balance between what is important inside and outside of school.

If they are not focused on the academic side of their studies it is often that they lack relevance of why that is important. Talk to them about how better results provide better opportunities. Not every child can come first in their class, all we hope is that they do the best to their ability.

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