Parent Information Seminar

Come to a FREE information session to find out how we can improve the organisation skills for your child and how you can help them succeed.

Get Teens Organised Program

A weekly program run over a term that builds on their organisational skills, to set priorities and complete assessments.

Get Teens Organised
One to One Coaching

Some teens need one to one coaching with a program tailored to their individual needs and desired outcomes.

Preparing for your HSC (workshop) how to do it your way

This group coaching workshop is designed to draw out what will work for you (rather than what you are being told to do by others).

Time Management and Setting Priorities

Come to 2 x ½ day workshops to learn the foundations of time management and setting priorities to complete all their work with ease.

Assessment Planning and Writing

2 x ½ day workshops are being run to tackle any assessment from the moment you receive it to the moment you hand it in (on time). Learn how to start, plan, research, write and edit assessments.

Study and Revision Skills

Students are told to study but often do not know how. 2 x ½ day sessions will cover how to summarise and make study notes and revise using a variety of methods (some are even FUN!)