Getting Teens Organised

Get Teens Organised Program

Get Teens Organised Program


This coaching program is aimed at teens from 13 to 19 years old that need to improve their organisation skills. By refining their mental organisation skills (for example setting priorities) as well as their physical organisation skills (for example organising their subject notes) we tackle all aspects of organising their study so that they can focus on completing the actual assessments.

Schedule of Sessions in the program

The workshops are a series of group coaching sessions where we identify the areas that need work, create strategies to improve these areas and then focus on the implementation. It is based on the needs of the student for the term and will be centred on their assessment and exam requirements. The schedule will change in response to the needs of the students.


Workshop Topics
  1. Clarity/Goal setting and preparing for the term/Commitment
  2. Weekly planning and getting organised 
  3. Getting mentally and physically organised/Assessment planning part 1
  4. Commitment to your actions/Assessment planning part 2 – This week also includes a 1 hour, 1 to 1 phone coaching session 
  5. Dealing with the hard stuff/Study skills
  6. Building routine study skills
  7. Tracking your progress/Study skills/Assessment progress
  8. Pulling it all together/Exam preparation – This week also includes a 1 hour, 1 to 1 phone coaching session
  9. Term Review/Lessons Learnt/Success Stories/What skills can we apply again/Planning for next term 
Tools Provided 

Organisational tool templates will be provided during the sessions as well as in soft copy for use after the sessions. They will include tool templates such as:

  • Weekly Planners
  • Term Planners
  •  Learning Contracts
  • Learning Style Questionnaires
  • Strengths Questionnaires
  • Action Planning Sheets
  • Assessment Planning Guidelines
  • Editing Checklists
  • Reflection Journals
  • And other tools as needed by the students.

A success factor for this program is that we collaborate together to support your teens. As part of this program we outline the actions required to be completed each week. These actions are not additional to their school work; they are based around getting their school work done. We will be asking the students to collaborate with you and to ask for your support and help. It takes time to embed behavioural change, and the more support that is given the easier it is to put new practices into place. An action plan will be created by the student each week and they are asked to share this with you. Tools will be provided in hard and soft copy. This is a team effort, your child will need your support! Email and phone support is available throughout the term for you and your child and we aim to respond as soon as possible.


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