5 tips to gain a fresh start to the school year

It is time to close off last year and start fresh for the new school year.  For your high school students, here are 5 things they can do to close off the previous school year:


  1. Unpack their school bag.  Empty it out, air it, give it a clean and put everything away.
  2. Gather, sort and file away all the paper from the previous school year.  They should only keep what they value.
  3. Archive all soft copies and clean up their hard drive so they have room for the new year’s work.
  4. Clean their room and physical work spaces.
  5. Review their report cards from last year.  Learn what they can from the marks and comments, then put them away.


By doing these quick actions that should only take an hour or so, the previous year is reviewed and packed away allowing your high school student to focus on the year to come.


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