Preparing for your HSC (workshop) – How to do it your way

Everyone tells you that you need to prepare and ‘get ready’ for your HSC experience. But what does that really mean?
Come and spend a fun afternoon with others going through the HSC and explore ways to make your final years of schooling a positive experience that works for you. You are young adults now so you get to contribute to how you want to learn.
This group coaching workshop is designed to draw out what will work for you (rather than what you are being told to do by others). By using Adult Learning Principles together with Executive Coaching Principles tailored for Teens you will have the chance to set yourself up for a great year.
So come along, and if you bring 2 friends who pay, you can come for free. There is also a door prize for a lucky person on the day to enjoy a fun experience.
During the afternoon we will look at:

What’s in it for you
How high do you want to fly
Using social media for good not for evil
Building your tool box
Getting Stuff Done
It’s all about the chunks
Balance / Unbalance / Rebalance / Balance
Procrastinating later
Dealing with distractions (especially the good looking ones)

If you have questions, please call 0413 035 036 for more information.
Afternoon tea and refreshments will be provided.
Please check for more information.