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Are your teens getting the school results they want?

There are many reasons why high school students do not do well academically at school and some of them are to do with their executive skills, how well the set goals, get organized, stay focused and set a positive mental mindset. How well is your teen doing in these areas?

Do this 3 minute quiz to determine if we can help you.

1. Does your child have a clear goal of what they want to achieve this year?
2. Do they have a written plan with SMART actions and milestones?
3. Do they have milestones to measure their success along the way?
4. Do they celebrate when they have a positive achievement?
5. Does your teen use a diary effectively?
6. Does your teen know when their assessments are due and have it written clearly for easy reference?
7. Does your teen plan their week?
8. Does your teen organise their paper and electronic files so they can easily find information?
9. Does your teen find it hard to stay focused for any length of time on their school work?
10. Is your teen easily distracted by social media and device applications?
11. Does your teen find it hard to focus on school life with all their other extra curricula activities, sports and social activities?
12. Do they spend more time on social media and gaming than doing their schoolwork?
13. Does your teen show signs of anxiety at completing assessment tasks and exams?
14. Do you observe that your teen is not doing enough work?
15. Does you teen express doubts in their ability to do the work?
16. Does our teen express feelings of being overwhelmed at the volume of work to be completed?