scaffold around written document


Scaffolding is the support process you need to get something important done.  It is a systematic step by step process to complete your task.    

Just like real metal scaffolding, the process of scaffolding is made up of different components which are dismantled at the end and reused in another project. 

Some components of written work could include:

  • Planning and outlining skills
  • Writing skills,
  • Editing skills,
  • Time management,
  • Setting Priorities,
  • Breaking big tasks into manageable chunks,
  • Managing mindset,
  • Managing overwhelm,
  • Overcoming obstacles, and
  • Working through procrastination.

scaffold around written document

English Example of a Scaffolding Process

Use a structure like PETAL
Determine the themes for the literary work
Create a PETAL paragraph plan for 3-5 themes
Learn the content of the PETAL theme plan
Analyse questions and plan how you would answer them using the PETAL themes
Write a first draft quickly in exam timed conditions using the PETAL as a prompt
Review and edit the draft and improve it and ensure the question has been answered
Obtain feedback from a teacher, tutor or coach
Ensure the content has been learnt and memorised using various memory techniques
Practice writing again without the PETAL prompt
Edit, review, learn and fill the gaps
Repeat until it can be done unaided… this is scaffolding!

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Scaffolding an English Extended Response