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  • Andrew is seriously smart, but when it comes to exams he becomes so stressed that he melts down before and during the exams. He does not get the results he is capable of. Our coaching sessions looked at several aspects of the exams and staying calm and focused on the day. By looking at each of these components separately, he knew what to study, had well written study notes as well as a good mental approach to the exams. Andrew was successful in tackling his end of year exams.

  • Willow came to see me just before she started Year 12. She did not know how to approach the year as she did not know what she wanted to do at the end of the year. We spent some time discussing how that was not something to worry about at that moment and that working towards a good ATAR would open up more opportunities. We focused on the present and prepared for the big year ahead. She created a well defined work space at home to study and set a goal for the year ahead.

  • Seth is a well mannered laid back young man who loves sport and spending time with his friends and girlfriend. He found it hard to focus on his school commitment and get motivated to stick to a plan and spend much time on his homework. His assessments were not demonstrating his full ability. We started by reviewing his half yearly results and setting an aim for the end of Year 11 as well as the desired ATAR he wanted for his HSC. We then reviewed the curriculum documents and clarified the content for each subject.

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