Resources for Students

Resources for Students

I am looking for ways to get organised and achieve better results.    Students – General   Students – Year 12    

Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

I am looking for ways to help my child to set priorities and get organized.

Transformetry Quizzes

Transformetry Quizzes

Are your teens getting the school results they want?  There are many reasons why high school students do not do well academically at school. Some

Coaching your Teens to get Organised

Getting your teens organised FREE ebook

Download our eBook on how to help get your teens organised without the hassles!

This e-book is a guide for parents to stop telling (and yelling) and start coaching their young adults.

Meet Nicola Metry Thompson

Parents and teens have a collaborator in Nicola Metry Thompson. Nicola thrives on detangling the issues of getting your teens organised, focused and increase their capability to plan, achieve and obtain success and results. She aims to bring out the best in all those around her and see people be happier, healthier and flourish.

Nicola has trained and coached thousands of the best in multiple industries to become savvy in training, coaching and retaining good people within organisations. She has taken this executive and management coaching and applied it to the development of our emerging leaders of the future, to the young people who need it the most.

Nicola’s message is simple: It’s your talented teen, make them a more capable person. This is when they need it at the start of their adulthood, with more skills comes more opportunity. These skills become life skills you take with you when you finish your HSC. This is the time for you to invest in your child.

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