What is Coaching ?

The focus of Coaching is that you lead the process of change in your life. Your coach offers support through processes including goal setting to achieve your goals and measurement of your achievements and results. Coaching is about creating some thinking space to gain clarity on what you want in life, then working towards it. By coaching teens, we are giving these processes early in life.

Our approach is Evidence-Based Coaching, which is supported by research consolidated across the industry in the last 25 years.

Why would I need a Coach?

We often get asked this question. Everyone needs a bit of support at some time in their lives and coaches are there to help you through these transitions and transform your life into the one you really want to live. We help people get ‘unstuck’ from where they are now and get clarity as to where they want to be.

We focus on skill development, planning, and embedding good skills and processes. And of course, this works if changes are implemented and embedded in behavioural change.

What we Do

Transformetry is a coaching consultancy with a single focus: working with young people to get organised, centered and focused and produce the results they are capable of in the HSC and beyond: these are transferable skills taken into the rest of their lives. Founded in 2010 by Nicola Metry Thompson, Transformetry is redefining how young people progress and grow. Having coached executives and managers across many organisations and industries, our focus is to take what we have learned by coaching executives and to provide it at the start of a person’s life when they need it the most. In essence, we provide Executive Coaching for teenagers (Millennials) and Gen Ys.

Why do clients choose to work with Transformetry?

We asked our clients about being coached at Transformetry, and these are some of the things they have said. When working with Nicola, she:

  • Builds a personal working relationship with each client
  • Stretches and challenges their thinking and commitment to the change
  • Happier, healthier more relaxed children who are less stressed
  • Helps them to break through barriers and blockages to their thinking to enable them to commit to change
  • Provides support so they can make their own decisions on what they want to achieve
  • Supports each individual to clarify their goals and then see the action they need to take to achieve goals they did not think were possible
  • Empowers others to take action to achieve their goals and be in control of their school work.

Meet Nicola Metry Thompson